Welcome to Private Events at the ArtSpot! 

Bachelorette Parties!  Join us for a fun late afternoon class (leave your cars here) and 

Uber into Portsmouth for some dinner and bar hoppin'


Adult Birthday Parties!  Book Clubs! Office Parties! Retirement Parties!

Scroll down for Holiday Parties.

We are happy to create a memorable art adventure for your group. 

For any inquiries email Dott at [email protected]


There is an 8 person minimum and we can accommodate up to 18

We are BYOB and you are welcome to bring in your own food.  All art materials are provided.

There is a $50 deposit to hold the date for an event. We do all the setup and cleanup!

We offer 2 easy ways to pay for your event.

  •  If one person or business is paying we will invoice you.
  • If you are a group that wants all attendees to purchase their own tickets, we will set up a Private Events page on our website, provide everyone with the link and attendees may each buy their own tickets. We will provide you with a roster.

Canvas Painting  $39.pp

Join us for painting fun. Your group will choose one painting to create from our library of choices. (a few below but we have more) All materials are included. Everyone will leave with a personal masterpiece.


Introduction to Felting  $39. pp

Students will learn the art of sculpting in wool using wool roving and sharp barbed needles. Create a creature or a flat framed landscape.  A great stress reliever.  Sit and stab away!

Watercolor Note Card $49pp

Join Local Watercolorist Tina Williams in painting watercolor note cards.



Hand painting  wine glasses or mugs  $29.00

No experience necessary for this fun class. You can choose 2 wine glasses, mugs, steins, rocks glasses, beverage glasses, etc. to paint using brushes and/or dot making tools.


Canvas Acrylic Painting  $39.pp 8 person min 18 person max


Introduction to Felting  $39.pp 8 person min 



Hand painting  wine glasses or mugs  $29.00pp

Lots of designs

Paper Bag Wreaths

Create these awesome paper stars with just paper and scissors. 

Stars are 12 and 16 inches wide and white or craft bag color.  Use our templates and make up to 3 awesome creations. You can light them up too! A great group craft!