Our Fabulous Instructors

Dott Ferrari


Dott Ferrari is the Owner and Creative Director...
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Jan Hunt


Jan is a crafter with many many skills...
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Lorie Garand


Lorie is a lifetime crafter, retired Health & PE teacher and coach...
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Chiqui Jimenez

Spanish Teacher

Senora Jimenez is from Colombia and has lived...
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Jessica Cummings

Artisan Crafter

Teacher by day, and DIY enthusiast by night...
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Cindy Cummings

Crafter/Sewing Teacher

Cindy is a retired Family and Consumer Sciences...
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Tif Farmakis-Day

Fine Artist

Tif has been dabbling in some form of fine art...
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Amy Nucci

Fine Art Teacher

Amy has been lucky enough to be teaching...
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Rachel Fournier


Rachel was hooked on needle felting after she took...
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Ryan Kelly

Wire Artist

A self-taught artist and sculptor, Ryan Kelley...
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Christine Bushway

Sewing Teacher

Christine’s grandmother taught her to sew at 10 years...
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Katherine Oregel


Katherine Oregel is a Reiki and Yoga teacher turned...
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Martha Rives

Fine Artist

Martha has been teaching at the High School...
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Priscilla MaccAllum

Dog Toy Entrepreneur

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Christine Varney


Christine loves anything art related and using...
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Tamara Berman

Glass/Mosaic Teacher

Tarmara began exploring the art of stained...
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Deborah Janelle

Fine Artist/Sewing Teacher

Deborah, like many artists, has been creating...
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Heather Senz


Heather first believed she could be a writer in the...
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Amelia Hyde

Fine Artist

Amelia Hyde is a fun-loving artist. She recently...
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Wayne & Kali Moulton

Sages Entertainment

For Kali and Wayne, sharing joy with people...
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